New Downloads

The Downloads GUI allows the user to start a new download. The user would need to specify the following information.

bullet URL Name – The URL of the download which is to be downloaded
bullet Location – Where the download should be saved to. By double clicking side the field open a browse box. Checkout Picture
bullet Zip Download – By checking the zip download box the download will be zipped up


Resuming Downloads

The Resume Download GUI allows the user to resume a download by selecting a resumeable download from the main list and clicking on “Resume Download” button.

The URL is automatically files in and all the user has to do is select a location to save the download by using the browse button or saving to desktop.

Adding New Themes

Users are able to add compatible themes compatible with the interface. New themes can be downloaded from Users just specify the details of the theme in the themes.txt file which can be found in the following location

{QuickDownloader Home}/config/themes

All themes should also be placed in the above directory. For example if you download a theme called

  1. Place this file in the above directory.
  2. Modify themes.txt so QuickDownloader picks it up.
  3. Add an alias such as ModernT and underneath the name of the zip file, The alias can be of any value but the file name has to match the download

Once this has been completed you should see the name of your new theme on the theme selector once QuickDownloader has been restarted. 

FTP & HTTP Proxy use

An HTTP or an FTP proxy can be specified using the proxy GUI 

 Configuring System Buffer

Depending on your connection type users can adjust their buffer settings. Users of a broadband line wouldn’t want to download at a dialup speed so should use the buffer setter to adjust the speed.

 Please not from v5.0 QuickDownloader automatically adjust the buffer but if you find performance slow then adjust the buffer manually


System Resources

The System Resources Information GUI gives the user information on how much memory the JRE and QuickDownloader is using. Users can free memory by pressing “Free Memory” button. Though it is recommended that memory is only freed when QuickDownloader is using more then 2mb of memory as for anything less it would use more memory instead.


New Features

Some of the new features with this version of QuickDownloader include

System Integrity

Before QuickDownloader starts a system integrity check is performed to ensure all system critical files exists which help reduce problems while QuickDownloader is running. The majority of times the user does not see this as the whole check happens within a second

Multiple Downloads Support

QuickDownloader now support multiple downloads and does not limit the user to 3 downloads as previous versions of QuickDownloader did

Extra Themes Support

The latest QuickDownloader supports more themes and allows the user to download their own themes which are compatible with QuickDownloader. Information on specifying information on these can be found in the features section of this guide.