QuickDownloader is very easy to install. There are four types of installers which can be used to install QuickDownloader. Information is given on each installer type

Installer Type

OS Support


Platforms Tested

OS Independent

All OS

JRE v1.2 and above

Windows 2000

Windows XP

Redhat Linux



Windows Only

JRE v1.2 and above

Windows 2000

Windows XP



Linux & UNIX Only

JRE v1.2 and above

Redhat Linux

Windows inc JRE

Windows Only


Windows 2000

Windows XP

 With either one of the installers you should find the following files in the directory you installed QuickDownloader to 

QuickDownloader Home

-->config directory

     ---->props directory




---->themes directory



---->logs directory


--> (OS Independent Installations only)

-->QuickDownloader.exe (Windows Installations only)

 Do not delete or move this files as QuickDownloader will not be able to find them causing it to crash

Windows & Linux Installer

 The Windows and Linux installer is usually named installer.exe. Simply double click on it and follow the instructions


  1. Double click on install.exe/

  2. The following window appears so click ok

  1. Follow the installer instructions as normal selecting the default values

That should complete the installation. You should find a QuickDownloader start up script/exe on your desktop.

OS Independent Installer

The OS Independent Installer should be unzipped to a directory and to load QuickDownloader double click on the RunME.bat or

Inorder to run this startup scripts your require an environment variable called JAVA_HOME which points to your JDK home directory.

For Linux use

export JAVA_HOME={JDK Location}

For Windows

          Set JAVA_HOME={JDK Location}

For more info open the start up files as it gives further info on how to set up your enviroment 


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