Below are all the features of QuickDownloader 


1.     Support for multiple Downloads

2.     System Integrity Checkers which ensure that all system critical components exists and are in the correct location

3.     Memory use reduced to between 2-4mb

4.     Capability to carry out both downloads and Resume simultaneously

5.     Extensive Decoupling of Code to reduce dependencies between code which could cause problem in future

6.     Better Handling of errors

7.     Handling of 100 % of all possible errors that can be thrown

8.     Reformatting of the Refresh command. Refresh command in the past removed the Resume Tab and recreated it so that new Resumes came into affect

9.     Refresh command also refreshed the Archive downloads and can take into affect any new archives to be added to the folder

10. Restructuring of all Packages and classes to a new structure

11. All GUI’s have been repositioned to a middle of the Application

12. All QuickDownloader source code can now be downloaded in a pdf document or viewed online.

13. The SplashScreen has now been removed

14. Support for 3rd party themes which can be used by QuickDownloader

15. A Desktop button which can set the location to the users desktop

16. Resuming of All Downloads

17. Information on each Download that can be resumed

18. Buffer Resizing for optimum use

19. Proxy Configuration for systems behind firewalls

20. Ability to change System Settings to make QuickDownloader more personalisable

21. The viewing of System Resources and the resources in use by QD

22. Changing of Skins

23. Uses minimum of Memory 

24. Log and error handling support 

25. Accelerates Downloads by upto 300% 

26. Support for all types of Network connections such as Dial Up, Broadband T1 etc. 

27. Ability to download from both http and ftp sites 

28. 100 % Resume support on all downloads even if the server doesn't support it. 

29. Downloads can be zipped up upon download to minimise the amount of space it takes 

30. OS Independent 

31. Uses Java JRE which runs on any machine such as Windows 2000, 98, Linux etc. 

32. Uses the Latest Java Development Kit.

33. Faster Resume Support

34. Integrity checker for all gui based components

35. The bytes downloaded so far is displayed dynamically in b, kb, mb

36. Pausing Of Downloads now possible for both New or Resume Downloads 

37. Status Panel displays info on what has been downloaded so far

38. Start and Resume buttons can be enabled and disabled


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