1.      What is QuickDownloader

*      QuickDownloader is a Download Manager which can be used to accelerate the speed of a download

 2.      How quick is QuickDownloader

*      QuickDownloader can speed up download by between 200-300%

3.      What language is QuickDownloader written in

*      QuickDownloader is written purely in Java, an objected oriented Programming Language which is OS independent.

4.      How is QuickDownloader licensed

*      QuickDownloader is licensed under GPL. You must agree to this terms before downloading or using QuickDownloader

5.      What is the website for QuickDownloader

*      http://www.quickdownloader.com

6.      What is Sourceforge

*      Sourceforge is the world largest an open source web site which host open Source code. All QuickDownloader code is held on the Sourceforge site. This allows all code to be tracked.

7.      How and where can I download QuickDownloader from

*      QuickDownloader can be downloaded for FREE from the open source web site Sourceforge. Click Here

8.      Which type do I need to download

*      The download needed depends on a number of things for example if you don’t have a JRE installed and don’t want to download it separately then choose the download that included the jre. Usually the download with the “incl jre” includes a jre. If you are using Windows and have a JRE then choose the windows installer otherwise choose the Linux installer. Other operating systems can use the OS-Independent version of QuickDownloader. 

9.      Which version should I download

*      Always try to download the latest version as the latest version has bug fixes and a number of new features added to it. The current version of QuickDownloader is 5.0

10.  I am running on Linux can I use QuickDownloader

*      QuickDownloader was initially designed to run on Linux based machine so yes QuickDownloader will run on Linux based machines

11.  I am running on Windows can I use QuickDownloader

*      QuickDownloader will run on Windows based machines

12.  How Do I get support with QuickDownloader

*      If users are having problems with QuickDownloader then they can either get support from one the following sources

Web Site: http://www.quickdownloader.com

Email: help@QuickDownloader.com

Support Request: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?atid=562875&group_id=81408&func=browse

13.  How do I report a bug

*      If you find a bug in QuickDownloader then please Use the link below to register it. All bugs reported can be anonymous


14.  I would like to request a feature

*      To request a feature simple Click on the link below


15.  How do I provide feedback on QuickDownloader

*      All QuickDownloader feedback should be emailed to


16.  Does QuickDownloader have a mailing list

*      Yes,


17.  Does QuickDownloader have a forum for people needing help

*      Yes,


18.  What is needed to run QuickDownloader

*      QuickDownloader only needs a JRE which can be downloaded for FREE from the sun site or you can download QuickDownloader which comes pre installed with it.

19.  Is the Source code available for download

*      All QuickDownloader source code can be downloaded for FREE from the web site use the link below

Click Here

20.  Is their any documentation with the code like for example the JavaDoc?

*      All of the Source code contains JavaDoc which you can use to use the packages and classes yourself. Though for v4.2 all source code will be released in a pdf document so that all comments can be read and the code better understood.

21.  How do I get my changes to the code into the core of the code so they aren’t overwritten when a new release is out

*      Users are allowed to make changes to my source code as long as they leave the licensing and author information for the code. This is so I am acknowledged as being the author of the original code. Users that wish their code to be compatible with later versions can drop me an email to request this at


Users should be aware I am regularly changing my code so you may find your changes becoming invalid with later versions.

22.  When I run QuickDownloader I get an Error message

*      Please check the troubleshooting guide which contains information on how to correct problems. It should be in  the same folder as this document.

23.  How much is QuickDownloader?

*      QuickDownloader is available for FREE under the GPL Licensing terms


24.  What is a JRE? 

*      A Runtime Environment needed to run QuickDownloader 


25.  What do I need to run QuickDownloader? 

*      You simple need around 5mb of Memory to run both the JRE and QuickDownloader. Also needed is about 2mb of space 


26.  Who owns QuickDownloader? 

*      QuickDownloader is owned by the author Asif Akhtar 


27.  Who owns the JRE? 

*      JRE is owned by SUN and can be downloaded for FREE off their site


28.  Is JRE a QuickDownloader component?

*      NO JRE Is a runtime environment used by QuickDownloader


29.  How do I update QuickDownloader? 

*      All Updates are updated on the Download Page Click Here  Here to go their


30.  How big is QuickDownloader? 

*      QuickDownloader is Only 1.3mb big 




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